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the tournament. it will be little consolation for fans of the host country's teams. brazil lost the battle for third against the netherlands. it was not close of the netherlands won 3-0, scoring early. we have one more game to decide who reigns as the champions. argentina and germany face off in rio de janeiro, a game billed as a clash between the best team, germany, against the player, argentina's lionel messi. jeremy has a -- germany has a better record but lionel messi is a leading scorer. we have to bring in jessica taff. this will be a class game. >> absolutely. lionel messi versus the machine. it will be the third time the teams came together for a world cup final. germany won the last meeting. a win on sunday means more than lifting a trophy, it's a victory that could lift a nation. >> they are two different teams that took just as difficult ermgent paths to get to the world cup final in brazil. germany embarrassed the host country, blowing them out 7-1, handling them a first world cup loss on home soil. argentina arrived on a winning and a prayer courtesy of a penalty shoot-out win
. many people thought they had a great team and great players, it would the difficult to play in brazil. so i think the europeans can come to south america and compete. there were many interesting things. >> you coached one of the sexiest names in soccer. the new york cosmos. what can you take out of the world cup that you can apply to the cosmos? >> you saw a lot of interesting things from teams going back to play. some teams being a little bit defensive but finding resources going forward. there are many great things we can look into that was in the world cup but as a nation and us being here especially in new york, the interest that this brought in, people are looking who were not interested before. this is a good time to build up the project and we can take a lot of good things. >> you have a team that will come in 2015 playing in yankee stadium. what would you be looking to get out of this world cup were them? >> the power of team versus individuals. there are individual stars in the media and everyone loves to see them and hype them up. it was great to see the good teams and the p
stage. the netherlands beat out brazil this afternoon, 3-0, to finish third in the world cup. dozens of soccer fans brought fanfare to st. james park in san jose to watch the game on the big screen. they brought food, chairs and cheer, all part of the city department've parks recreation and neighborhood services pilot program called summer of fun. the park has hosted world cup viewing events, offering large outdoor screens for visitors to enjoy the games. tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play in the world cup finals live here on abc7 news. our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and, remember, you can catch the game on the go on your smartphone or tablet with watch abc. >>> there's much more ahead on abc7 news at 5:00. still to come, an emergency landing in the middle of nowhere. a hair harrowing trip for passengers on one jetliner that ran into trouble crossing the pacific. >> mourning the loss of the punk rock legend, tommy ramone. >> and good evening, i'm frances dinglasan. we have warmer temperatures on the way. we see some clouds off the coast. i'll let you know with the
. >> and the second of the last netherlands boat brazil to finish third place. they scored in a penalty kick. and that loss adds insult to injury for çj[(#brazil. following the defeat of the hands of germany. germans face argentina in the championship tomorrow. that's how july reports. thanks for watching, and huckabee starts now. ♪ ♪ >>> tonight on huckabee. croisis on the board, the white house said border security is stronger than ever and patrol agents say they are overwhelmed. >> there is no way to keep up with the amount of people. >> and it is not just uncompanied children coming cross. >> you are not seeing the terrorist coming from the other country. >> the real story on who is coming to america. and rockets fired in israel and israel retaliates with air strikes. >> we will defend ourselves and we will win. >> how far will israel go to
final highlights from brazil. the host nation failed to win third place in the match against the netherlands. brazil striker was injured in the game against colombia watched from the bench. just three minutes after the kickoff, the dutch captain blasted a penalty shot high into the corner about julio cesar's dive. at 17 minute, the netherlands had their first international goal to double the advantage. >> at 38 minutes, brazilian midfielder oscar's free kick was slipped on and david luis both missed the decisive touch. >> the netherlands have given them a 3-0 victory and sprinkled with fans' tears. >>> sunday will host the final match between germany and argentina to decide the world cup champion. here's a three-day weather forecast for selected cities. >> that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water glittering in the sun light. >>> look at the water g
and there will be a security presence unlike brazil or any other place has ever seen. >> reporter: no one can accuse brazil of scrimping on security for soccer's biggest event. the country totaled nearly $1 billion in security costs, five times what south africa spent during the 2010 cup. come sunday, rio de janeiro may look like an occupied city. 25,000 troops, military police, firefighters, and national guardsmen are being deployed. largest ever in the city's history the state security chief told reporters it is an immense responsibility, and we are working to prevent this kind of situation. police crash often with anti-cup protestors early in the tournament. security forces used tear gas and pepper spray to break up an opening-day march before it ever got started. "this is rio's new $45 million command and control center which was modeled on counterterrorism centers in new york and around the world. the center's deputy director edval novaes demonstrated the massive video wall which scans thousands of cameras mounted across the region even live cams in cop cars and helicopters. when protesters moved towa
. "start your engines" >>> and finally, adding insult to injury, brazil tonight suffered its final world cup loss. this time, to the netherlands, 3-0. now, the focus turns to tomorrow's big finale between germany and argentina. for the past several weeks, these games have been quite a spectacle, fueling excitement, amazement and raw emotion. abc's bob woodruff has the latest tonight from rio de janeiro. >> reporter: brazil was never supposed to be playing today. the host country had every expectation of being in tomorrow's final. now, a showdown between soccer powerhouses argentina and germany. more than 100,000 argentinean fans are pouring into rio. ♪ most can't get tickets to the game, instead, watching from their tents and buses that they drove for four days just to get here. >> what team do you prefer to win the cup? >> reporter: u.s. >> this is utterly beyond belief. the final score line here is brazil, 1, germany, 7. >> reporter: despite brazil's bitter disappointment, even losing their top star neymar, the tournament itself has been a phenomenal success. it was marked by tense s
of early goals left brazil struggling oriole and they never recovered. germany takes on argentina in tomorrow's title game. >>> a sight in cleveland had everyone talking today and it was not king james. a controlled demolition took down the inner belt, bridge in true explosive fashion. for 55 years it carried hundreds of millions of cars across the cuyahoga river. this morning it was gone in half a second. it will be replaced by two new bridges. they should both be up and running in time for lebron's debut this fall. and it is the moon that will be taking on a starring role tonight. a so-called super moon will light up the skies, appearing bigger and celebrator than what we're used to. it happens when the moon orbits closer to earth. if you happen to miss tonight's show, you're in luck. this is the first of three super moons we'll see this summer. >>> up next, 77 years later another amelia earhart is flying into the history books. you know what i love america? fine barbecue, good times and zero heartburn. ♪ and that's why i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartbur
.m. eastern, noon out west. meanwhile, not much to cheer about for fans of brazil. their team faces netherlands in the battle for third place. netherlands scored against the host country team, brazil. netherlands never trailed winning 350,000 to nothing, leaving these fans en more disappointed next time. >> nasa launch of the spacecraft has been delayed. the rocket is scheduled to take off sunday from nasa's flight facility in virginia. it is headed to the international space station on a cargo resupply mission. talk about a special anniversary of sorts, on mars, the rover, curiosity, jut celebrated one martian year on the red planet. how did it celebrate? with a selfie, of course. jennifer london reports. >> reporter: is the selfie from space seen around the world. the mars rover curiosity snapped this vanity shot to mark a major milestone: her one martian year anniversary which is longer than you may think, 687 earth days to be exact. >> it is wild. a mars day is 40 minutes longer than an earth day. the most efficient way is for her to operate on a mars day. >> look at her harrow
in the world cup. they beat brazil in their own backyard 3-0 and man, can you imagine the sad brazilians this afternoon? germany and argentina will meet tomorrow, 4:00 p.m., in the final game tomorrow. >>> oh, boy. the jobs market may be heating up, but recent college graduates and millenials are being left out in the cold. new research finds young people have been hit hardest by the recession and have a more difficult time finding jobs than older generations. with more on this, scott gamm. hi, scott. >> good to see you. >> so let's break this down. you say that the recession is not over for millenials? >> it's not. the unemployment rate for those ages 20 to 24 peaked at 12.2% in march. that's double the national average of 6.1%. we're seeing student loans become more of an issue for young people. student loan debt up $31 billion during the first quarter to a total of $1.1 trillion. we're seeing students take jobs that don't necessarily require a college degree. keep in mind, these unemployment numbers, a lot of people are saying, well, the unemployment situation is getting better. but i
. >> the world cup finals tomorrow. a consolation today for the host nation. u.s. brazil could recover a now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the world cup championship of the universe is tomorrow and even if you don't have a looming interest, there's great drama and emotion. we will have it right here on abc seven. after being embarrassed by germany today, brazil faced the netherlands in the consolation third-place game. a little over 10 minutes later, off the corner, brazil is trying to clear. a chip right there. that's the germany game. blind for the neverland, third-place runner-up goes to the netherlands. clambering over the nationals and the one player going to the all-star game in minneapolis. jordan zimmermann came up with a cramp in his pitching arm last night and has been replaced by henderson alvarez of the marlins. zimmerman will attend but he won't pitch. air is what happened. he threw the pitch, winced in pain and called the trainers. that's never a good sign. he will not be allowed to pitch in the all-star game tuesday in minnesota. the
to cleveland he is going to brazil. not to play basketball but to watch tomorrow's world cup final which you can watch right here on six abc. lebron signed his deal with cleveland today. it is a two year contract worth just over 42 million-dollar. this is according to espn. speaking of money, the calves have made an estimated one million-dollar in ticket sales, alone, former sixers great charles barkley says he is a big fan of this move and big fan of lebron. he just can't understand why he left ohio in the first place. >> i just think he shouldn't have left there the first time. come on, you have to get drafted by the hometown team, and you are as good as he is. this guy is one of the ten greatest nba players ever. people that don't likely brandon james, you have to be a lebron james fan. i don't know if the cavilers will win a championship but i am a lebron james fan for the rest of my life. >>> eagles are less than two weeks away from training camp, can you wait? lesean mccoy tells "action news" that he believes the eagles will contend for the super bowl. expectations are sky-high for thi
. >>> a dejebted country brazil full of shame after being blown out in the world cup semifinal. did you see the tears hoping to find some solace in today's consolation game. brazil and make the on netherlands for third place. nay more on the sidelines. silva is back after missing the last game because of two yellow cards. bad news for brazil early the netherlands attacking right away. watch silva's hand right here. he's pulling him down. that gives silva a yellow card and a penalty kick for the dutch. then percy puts it in the back of the net. brazil down 1-0. 16th minute netherlands threatening again. centering pass head by brazil. right to davy blitz who boosted in the first time brazil has ever allowed multiple goals in back-to-back world cup matches. the netherlands take it 3-0. >>> how delicious does an ice cold indoor hockey arena sound right now? we can feel the shivers. throw on your cap sweaters. the high like hearing from their exciting new defenseman who they stole from the penguins. >> just the feel for the direction they were headed and what they were trying to do, and it just
in brazil the battle for third place. it is the consolation match between the netherlands and host brazil. argentina and germany play for the title tomorrow. brazil the host country wanted to be in the title game. didn't want to be in the third place game and it showed today against the netherlands. they were flat out awful as the host country. how about the netherlands blaine daily right here gets the goal. the netherlands gets the three three-zero win third place at the world cup. >> lebron domino is ready to drop. new york knicks in contract negotiations with carmelo ant nope on a deal that will keep him in a new york knicks unifo uniform. he told both the bulls and rockets carmelo ant nope is off their list. pal go saul signed with the chicago bulls. we said it yesterday. as soon as lebron james signed his deal all the other domino's would start to fall in place and they did. carmelo is going to the knicks. palagi saul to the bulls. chris could be back to miami. we've got a little board here and we'll figure it all out. >> phillies on 7:15 on fox. there's a little fizzle for baseball
, there was performance against brazil that was outstanding. i think we are going to see that performance. germany is feeling very confident. they have been in finals before. they are ready. the really think they can go all the way this time. >> anything can happen once the whistle lows. what about the argentinians? is the team depending on him to win? we have a players on that team. everything is going to go through. it always does. it is going to be a very tough challenge for him. one man alone cannot do this. they will have to have two or three players around. it'll he very interesting to see if they can stop him. this is a meter of space. he can change again. i think it'll be very tight. can be decided by a make in the back. >> he has a very a job ahead of it. thank you very much. gameo the last world cup outside of the finals starts in under an hour. no one really wants to play it or watch it. cup match ford third place your players are disappointed. fans are disappointed in the layers. fifa insists on making them battle it out for some year it >> there are gloomy days. after the humiliation
where people can watch the world cup. right now, the netherlands is beating brazil 2 to nothing. >>> when i met the president, he did say, i borrowed your slogan. >> activist and presidential medal of freedom winner coined the phrase, "yes, we can." the mantra became barack intaps's call to vote. she co-founded the united farm worker's union. >> when you think of this mentality that you want to hu humiliate people and oppress them and not providing the basic human needs they have is just a way to make people feel like they are not worthy. >> she is a woman with a colorful past. she stood next to robert kennedy on the day she was shot. she has been arrested more than 20 times and has been brutally beaten by the police. at 84, she remains a steadfast cam paperer battling still for immigrants. >> i think we have to remind people that unless you are a native american that your people came from somewhere and remind people this country was built by immigrants. >> fighting gender inequality >> a crisis right now, which way we are going to go. if we don't have a strong middle class whic
for the children, it's the world cup spirit. >> in brazil we've got about 300 volunteers here from about 12 countries. within a couple of days we're part of the team full of fun and working really hard. >> hey. >> when we invest in a place it's for the long term. >> go. >> lots of guys come and kind of get it in their blood. that's what we're about. >> this is my second go. this time my son's come with me. a bit of bonding and just building things together. >> you are knackered every morning, you're tired out, but look how far we've come in a week. it's fantastic. >> football has always had the ability to take down barriers. we're trying to take it a step further and harness the power of football fans to make a difference. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? could help your business didavoid hours of dela
. tomorrow, the new worldcup champions will be crowned in brazil. soccer giants arrangentina and germany will faceoff sunday at rio de janeiro where official are beefing up security security. german players arriving last night sinaling autographs and posing for pictures with fans. this will actually be the third time argentina and germany have met in the world cup finals. but before the big game, a decidedly anticontest t 2-nothing in the first half. the two sides. brazilian fans heart broken after last week's trouncing by german and conconflicted about who to root 4 in tomorrow's final. the worldcup organizing body is having to deal with a ticket scandal. the director of the hospitality ticket agency is on the run, accused of running a racket to help resell tickets for the tournament. lucia newman. >> the cocobana pallance as looks like a crime scene and apparently, it is. the security camera footage shows ray whelan, the director of world cup hospitality leaving as police went in to rearrest him. he left an hour ago and he is considered afuge i have been at the moment. his arrest warra
. >> in brazil we've got about 300 volunteers here from about 12 countries. within a couple of days we're just part of the team full of fun and working really hard. hey! >> when we invest in a place it's for the long term. >> go. >> lots of guys come and kind of get it in their blood. that's what we're about. >> this is my second go. this time my son's come with me. a bit of bonding and just building things together. >> you're knackered every morning and tired out, but look how far we've come in a week. it's fantastic. football has always had the ability to break down barrier but we're taking it a step further to harness football fans to make a difference. >>> good afternoon. you are in the "cnn newsroom," i'm miguel marquez in new york. we're keeping our eye on two major stories right now. both developing. the united states has something to say it would be illegal immigrants don't try it, we'll send you back. mass deportations are about to start and it's something you'll only see on cnn desperate people in south central america crossing dangerous borders hoping to eventually reach america. >>
cup final in brazil tomorrow. zain ash zain asher has a look at what price fans are paying to see the big game. >> if you want to see germany play argentina, a ticket in the secondary market could cost you between $5,000 and $20,000. we've been looking at some of those retale websites for example ticket biz, ebay as well, and you would think at prices like $12,000 people wouldn't be interested but these prices are getting bids. a world cup finals ticket face value is between $440 and $990 depending on where in the arena you're sitting. you're talking about ticket prices going for 10, 12 times face value. >> wow. >> i know. check out the stadium here. its capacity is 75,000. and fifa has said that demand is ten times capacity. a lot of people want to see this world cup. >> who are buying these tickets? >> the result might surprise you. places like chile. they love their soccer but it's also, get this, the united states. this particular world cup has been hugely popular with americans but is also the proximity between the u.s. and brazil. >> northern hemisphere. geographically desir
injured. >>> and after its stunning loss to germany, brazil plays the netherlands for third place in the world cup today. that game beginning at 4:00 p.m. eastern. germany and arch tgentina meet the finals tomorrow. >>> and the top station chief in berlin has gotten the boot. that after an employee was arrested for allegedly spying for us. that comes on top of the revelations that chancellor angela merkel's cell phone was tapped by americans. president obama promised to fix those problems. so what happened? and what does it really mean for u.s./german relations? fred flooits is a analyst. friends don't let friends spy on each other, but is it defendable when it comes to germany? >> eric and arthel, it's great to be here. great powers spy on each other. with a handful of exceptions, the united states doesn't consider any country exempt from spying. there are good reasons why the united states may have been spying on germany. germany has the closest relationship with russia and iran, economically, than any other western country. we have concerns about european countries where terror
. brazil taking on the netherlands for the rights to be remembered as the third best team th. coach scalari said that this should not overshadow what the team has done. >> i cannot see how people can only look at the result of just one match. if work is good there is not a fatality, a disaster that is going to change it, but i don't want to apologize or defend what happened. it doesn't interest me. what interests me is making it to the final, and i didn't make it. >> lee wellings. >> well, the brazil january public and thbrazilian public is still hurting. the 7-1 score line and performance from the brazilians mean they can't make up for it in this game. what they can do is just get some form of consolation to finish on a high. the opportunity is there for them. the coach does not want to play in this game at all. and he doesn't understand why fifa has it going on. but this is an opportunity for brazil to finish what really has been a dreadful tournament for them on a high. >> the germany squad have left their training base. they'll likely use the same starting line up. in 2012 the friendly
that germany thrashed brazil 7-1. a stunning defeat. but the brazilians, a hit, they started to applaud, because they know about when beautiful soccer is being played. and the germans, discomfited that germany scored so many goals. one said, 4-0 would have been enough. >> who are you picki ining in t final? >> germany. >> mary? >> i want germany to win. >> be sure to follow us on twitter. that's it for this week's show. my thanks to my panel. hope to see you right here next week. >>> israel escalates its offensive on hamas. welcome to america's news headquarters. good to see you. >> well, this comes as all 15 members of the united nations security council have come together to
for all involved." >>> also, the stage is set for tomorrow's world cup finale in brazil. germany taking on argentina tomorrow afternoon. it's been noted on social media out there for the first time ever the two teams in the final of the world cup each have a living pope in their corner. pope francis from argentina, and the emeritus pope benedict is from germany. how do pope's trash talk, i wonder? there's no word of a wager between the two at this point. >>> well, in a courtroom in north carolina this week, history was at stake. in 2008, you remember then candidate barack obama did something that no other democrat presidential candidate had done in 32 years. of course, we know a lot of history was made by barack obama, but there's one thing he did do that not only bill clinton was able to do. he turned north carolina blue. in 2008, by a margin of less than 1%. how exactly did he do that? well, as "usa today" pointed out back then, obama leaned on first-time voters and energized african-americans to offset a tradition of republican success. now, with that in mind, another potential game-
a woman in rocky mountain national park. >>> and brazil plays the netherlands in the world cup today, before germany and argentina meet in the final tomorrow. >>> the death toll in gaza reaching more than 125 people. and all this, as the terrorist group isis continues to attack iraq and syria. so, how does the crisis in gaza impact the crisis in iraq and syria as well? chuck nash joins us to discuss this. good to see you, as always. how do you see this all coming together? what are we seeing unfold in the middle east? >> i think what we're seeing is the further deterioration of the situation. the situations in iraq, the instability in the gulf, to afghanistan, and israel, and going through the northern coast of africa, and the dismemberment of a lot of those governments that were the fallout of the arab spring. and the focal point, israel, that's where they can coalesce around. when they're not fighting each other, that's what they look to. and hamas is around more than they' they've ever been. a lot of arms and capability have moved into gaza and thus into the hands of hamas from li
as an artillery fire hits apartments. and brazil failed to reach the world cup final. was the whole thing worth the billions of dollars spent? we'll hear from the president. >> a fifth day of strikes. 135 palestinians now killed. one of the most horrific attacks was on a center of the di abled. two patients there as well a worker there were killed. stephanie decker went to that center. we have this report. >> reporter: may is disabled, and the center that cared for her was targeted in an israeli airstrike. she survived but her injuries are severe. >> we received four casualties. three of them are disabled. the injuries are burns on their bodies. >> reporter: not much is left of this care home. we asked whether it had any links to any armed faction here, and we were categorially told kno no. this was a place for those who could not care for themselves. >> reporter: this is not fair. where is the united nations? where are our human rights? this is a disability center. what did they do? >> reporter: the missile seems to have come through the roof. it hit here in the ground floor of the center. it'
wheelen said before he disappeared. >> later today the third place game between the netherlands and brazil kicks off at 4:00 p.m. eastern and then tomorrow the big championship game between argentina and germany. kick off there is at 3:00 p.m. eastern. a. >>> a man who helped define the beat of punk music has died. tommy ramÓn. they even influenced the sound of groups like nirvana and green day and were enducted into the rock-n-roll hall of fame. plus a tv that you can roll up when you're not using it. coming up next. >> people are not getting the care that they need >> a partisan standoff... >> i ride in opposition to obamacare >> millions un-insured... >> it hurts to see my family in this condition... >> our politics costing lives? >> there are people like me literally dying because because they don't have the cash >> fault lines. al jazeera america's hard hitting, >> they're blocking the door... >> groundbreaking, >> we have to get out of here... >> truth seeking, award winning, investigative documentary series the coverage gap only on al jazeera america >> the u.s. is set to record it
there will be a viewing party at st. james park in san jose. for today's third-place game between brazil and the netherlands, as well as tomorrow's final. >>> you can watch today's match between the netherlands and brazil at 1:00 p.m. live on our sister network, espn and tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play in the world cup final live here on abc7 news, our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. and remember, you can catch the game on the go on your smartphone or tablet with watchabc. >>> much more ahead on abc7 news saturday morning news -- the you unique summer camp in the east bay that helps special teenagers practice their social skills. >>> and high-rise rentals, a major milestone for san jose. how apartment living is fueling the downtown economy. >> announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >>> welcome back, we're coming up on 8:30 and starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> nobody at beach in santa cruz, 62 degrees with the clouds, we'll look for the sunshine to bring temperatures up into the low 70s
center stage in brazil on >> on tech know, imagine getting the chance to view the world. >> the brain is re-learning how it sees again >> after decades in the dark, >> i couldn't get around on my own >> a miraculous bionic eye... >> i'm seeing flashes >> great >> tech know, every saturday go where science meets humanity. >> this is some of the best driving i've every done, even though i can't see. >> tech know. >> we're here in the vortex. only on al jazeera america. america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> the world cup has gripped america, but will it hold after sunday's final match? 15 years ago this week randy won for the mental kick. it helped fuel women' soccer and women's sports. brandi chastain has won two gold medals. we'll get to the world cup in a moment, but i want to address something, traumatic head injuries among kids who play sports. you have pushed for important changes for kids who play soccer >> absolutely. i think what we have banded together for was to leave a legacy of soccer and for soccer that was--it's going in
, i can tell you where he is this weekend, in brazil watching the world cup. >> yeah, he may be doing a little bit of partying down there. linzie, thank you. we appreciate it. by the way, cleveland has been on a huge roll of late. just this week they landed the 2016 republican national convention, and lebron james is now transforming the city once called the mistake by the lake into the epicenter of the basketball universe, and that means big bucks for both the team and the city. and espn's darren rovell is here with that part of the story. good morning, sir. >> good morning. yeah, the dream becoming the reality. lebron james coming home, and clevelanders couldn't wait to say, just take my money. >> he's back! >> reporter: landing the best player in the league immediately jump-starting cleveland's economy, or should we say lebronomy. >> lebron is coming back. >> the king returns, baby. bringing a championship to cleveland. >> reporter: so many fans calling the cavaliers ticket line that the team had to reroute other lines to devote to selling tickets, and at around 8:30 p.m. last nigh
. >> the brazil soccer team is trying to rebound from that embarrassing 7-1 loss to germany this past tuesday. they will face the netherlands in the third place match. the coach said they must look forward and accomplish their goal of winning and finishing in third. the world cup final between germany and argentina is set for tomorrow. >> a bay area teacher training as an astronaut. >> the space suit is like a ticket to coolness i hope. >> in 20 minutes the lessons he is bringing back to his students to help them launch into new careers. >> first, an unusual chase in southern california leads police right in to the ocean. how officers were finally able to arrest a man who ran away. ? >>> a man is facing charges after leading police on a chase that ended up with officers dragging him out of the ocean. investigators say witnesses saw the man trying to break-in to a carral will rogers state beach. when police arrived they say the man became aggressive with officers. he then ran across a highway and into the water. police say they teamed up with lifeguards to surround him and drag him out of
it into philanthropy, countries like brazil. >> the atmosphere at world cup is like nothing else. it's electric. ♪ you get that red bull kaleidoscope of all the differ napgss coming together. football is the only worldwide spot, really. in 2004, that was, saw all the fans around, like a little army. an untapped army. some of the children that love football the most are from very poor area, and astarted asking myself, what can could i do if i could mobilize some of these people to do some good? we bring people to the world cup. they get to watch games, send a huge chunk of our heim, local charities that work with children, how can we help you? three classrooms. to come and do this for us, for the children. this is a world cup spirit. >> brazil, we've got about 300 volunteers from about 12 countries. within a couple of days, part of the team, full of fun and, would go really hard. >> oh, hey! >> when we in1re679 vest in thes for long term, love the players, it gets in their blood. that's what we're about. >> my second go. this time my son has come with me. bonding and building things together.
brazil and the netherlands, as well as tomorrow's final. you can watch today's match between netherlands and brazil at 1:00 p.m. on our sister network espn and tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play live. that starts at 10:00 a.m. you can catch the game on the go with your telephone or tablet with watchabc. >> much more ahead on the saturday morning news. out niekro summer camp in the east bay that helped some special teenagers practice their social skills. and high-rice rentals. a major new milestone for san jose. how thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. >> welcome back. here's lisa with an update. >> a return to an on shore flow. the winds have been out forecast south. it's been rather gray in parts of the day and cooler than average. it's 60 in concord right now. napa 59. good morning santa rosa. 58 degrees. here's plans for the rest of the day. low clouds and fog keeping the beaches back into the low and mid-60s wi
% because of a drought in brazil. bread is down 1%. >>> time to save with 6 abc, cleaning products can get pricey but one woman can save some green making them green too. >> when mom needs to know blogger, mindy cherry doesn't grab the windex to do windows. you can use white vinegar and water for the windows. >> she adds the same formula make a degreeser for her stoefr, that is not the only thing. there are so many products. got a coffee stain, mindy mixes liquid steel soap and you can find these things at store. >> mix it up in your laundry room and spray it on stains. >> grass stains and catchup. >> she makes her own toilet bowl cleaner. >> it's bore axe, the stuff our grandparents used to use. they are also more environmentally friendly. we can use the stuff that people are making now. and they use the stuff you can't pronounce in them. this is a great way to do it. mindy has the recipes for cleaning products on her blog, with the saving with 6 abc page at >> i'm amy buckman, channel 6 "action news." >> still ahead this morning, an eagles star takes the basketball court and we
the german team that ripped apart brazil's hopes are now just one win away from a fourth world cup title. >> it has become a familiar scene in the last few days, and israel said it won't be letting up on its aerial defense against gaza. we understand that the death toll is at least 127 people inside the gaza strip. more than 4 940 have been hurt. [ crying ] saturday morning, an israeli strike hitting a disability center. the number of patients and otherkilled two and many were injured. we go to that center in the gaza strip. we'll let you decide when it's safe to go, but tell us what has happened there. >> you can see where the missiles came through. it came through two stories of this house, and then landed right here in the ground floor. you can still see the back end of that missiles. i don't think you can actually see that, but we spoke to the director of this medical center who said to us there is absolutely no one else here other than those who cared for the disabled. this is not a place where people were potentially going to rockets or anyone associated with that. she was extremel
it is urgent and we need to fix it. if that's the case, then let's go ahead and fix it. >> donna brazille is a cnn commenter and donna bernard is with the women's center for politics. great to have you here. can we go back a segment. michelle, what went on with congress member fortenberry. he was a backer of the 2008 law that everyone says is a critical role in the law. so much that john mccain and jeff flake say we have to change it. i asked him as chief maker of the backer, should we make the change because of the mexican kids and central american kids should be treated the same, he balked. >> he balked. anyone watching the show today will be unsatisfactoried by what we heard. everyone knows that people who are smuggling the young and innocent children into the country found the loophole and found the way in. if you smuggle children in from honduras or guatemala or el salvador, they know the kids will be here for a long time before a hearing and the united states government is in a position to deport them back to the country of origin or find a place within the united states. he seemed
in rio. germany is headed into the game as the favorite after their crushing 7-1 win over host brazil in the semi final, but argentina is confident they will keep the title on south american soil in what is sure to be a classic final. >> the german team arrived in rio de janeiro late at night, but they did not go unnoticed. the countdown has started. everyone is waiting for sunday evening. >> of course is a tense time. we are looking forward to it. we are obviously optimistic. we want to bring the world cup back to germany. that is our job on sunday. we are completely focused on that. >> the coaches doing all he can focused andplayers confident with their eyes firmly fixed on the biggest prize in football. our skill,put all of everything into it -- everything we have, whether it is physical or mental concentration. we will put everything into getting a victory. we have worked for this for a few years now. we cap to developing our game. we have gotten consistently better. now is our big chance and we are ready to take it. >> the tension builds. he and the team want to write history on
for the third place game between brazil and the netherlands, as well as tomorrow's final. you can watch today's match between netherlands and brazil at 1:00 p.m. on our sister network espn and tomorrow you can watch germany and argentina play live. that starts at 10:00 a.m. you can catch the game on the go with your telephone or tablet with watchabc. >>> the fbi has a new billion dollars electronic facial system. next generation identification system was 85% accurate. that's compared to facebook's 97% when identifying people through photographs. the government's main problem is the photos they use are typically from surveillance cameras. >>> a joke went viral. this is steven spielberg sitting next to a triceratops from the movie ""jurassic park"." people posted it as a many got riled up and reported the picture as animal cruelty. but the triceratops died out 65 million years ago. >>> black swans are catching waves along australia's gold coast. they surf for many reasons humans do, to have fun. and they often mimic what one member of their species is doing to have fun. more and more data shows
will visit cuba, argentina, brazil and venezuela. >> join a gang or die. >> reporter: this is a pleas where you see ugly things like bodies and pieces. >>> violence rampant in poverty stricken places like honduras. a look at life for many migrant children fleeing america. >> and then there were two. the last time general assembly won the one , the berlin wall was torn down piece by piece. today they are facing argentina. a former prosoccer player and coach. - >>> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm morgan radford, and these are the top stories. the center for disease control shut two labs. the move following revelations that dangerous grms were sent out. that happened five times in the hast decade. they are stopping shipment from all labs. >> clashes are operating in gaza. they threw gas becomes and stons at soldiers. soldiers responded with stun grenades and tear gas. binyamin netanyahu says the air strikes will continue until hamas rockets stop flying. >> officials from the u.s. and mexico wraps up a 2-day meeting. officials are keeping tight-lipped and the u.s. can't the u
story in today's richmond times dispatch. the lead editorial in the financial times is brazil after the world cup. it was a splendid tournament. now the real drama begins talking about campaigning beginning for october's presidential election in brazil and what the world cup has meant for that issue. also, on the subject of the world cup, here is a story from the new yo"new york times": an argentine and german but no sign at the vatican of a world cup rivalry. they have prayed and embraced but pope francis and his predecessor find themselves confronting an odd sort of schism. their countries are competing in the finals of the world cup on sunday. vatican spokesman reverend lombardi who fielded soccer questions this week with a chuckling amusement documented that the two men would watch the game together or at all. father lombardi said the current pope sent the argentine his best wishes but added francis watches very little television. the final of the world cup, of course, taking place tomorrow. one other sports story that's gathering headlines across country treat and on plenty of
the area controlled by the kurdish army. >>> and i'll be here with the latest from the world cup in brazil. plus, all the reaction as n.b.a. superstar announces he's leaving miami. >>> israel says it won't let up on an aerial offensive against gaza. it's the fifth day of air strikes killing 120, and injuring 900. >>> on saturday morning an israeli air strike hit a medical center for the disabled in the north of the gaza strip. some of the patients and medical assistants were killed. others suffered injuries, including burns. nick schifrin followed a family as they buried a victim of the violence. >> reporter: when it comes to this war, and it is war gazzans say, the most free consequent sound is grief. and the frequent image is children missing their uncle or a woman mourning her husband. mohammed was a pious man, praying and helping nephews and nieces. he was 66. his family admits he helped palestinian fighters fire rockets. the israeli army today dropped a bomb on him. his community is calling him a martyr. the silence shows their resonance and they commemorate his sacrifice. he helped t
for bullies and no one wants to see that. ease -- especially brazil. >> i like you can work in some topical soccer humor. does it really take six months or could a bug grow in either eyeballs in a few hours? >> it can take as little as a week. until scientists invent a cure and then decades later it will end up reemerging that it will only take a few hours. >> i don't understand the science, joe. do you? >> it seems when they cure something it comes back way worse. >> it does. the next topic. he is so right on that. doctors in germany say they have tweeted a heavy metal fan for a brain injury he sustained while head banging. after the 50-year-old complained of headaches they found he had a brain bleed and needed to drill a hole to drain the blood. i am a metal head and there are a lot of heavy metal fans around the world. could it lead to wiping out millions of people? >> it sure could. luckily heavy metal has fallen out of favor with a lot of america's youth, but they switched to other forms of terrible music such as rap. >> but rap is safer? >> i don't know. i heard a fellow raping about
to that formulate in brazil where we'll be playing golf in the olympics nor the be first time in six the players will be broken down into groups of 4, 16 groups of 4 and then on wednesday and thursday and friday they'll play each and cut to the top 16 players out of that play to play the 16, 8, 4 and 2 on the weekend why did it important. first of all, it's a lot more golf 96 matches on wednesday thursday and friday it's a ton of golf and one of the reasons we wanted to come here we know the fans will replenish relish the opportunity and the best players will rise to the top and third i think if you're a steve stricter barbara watson or tiger woods you'll follow your favorite player to get sgo the round of 16 one that will create a a lot more enthusiastically and excitement so we're going in a new direction in san francisco and i want to comment that starting about sandy in all those years the relationship with the city and the mayors that perverted our mayor and this mayor that did this arrangement it worked well, with the partnerships so, now as i bring up ted bishop ted became the president o
center stage in brazil on know. >> we're here in the vortex. only on al jazeera america. >> the death toll could be much higher than anyone known. >> posing as a buyer... >> ...people ready then... >> mr. president >> who should answer for those people >> the world cup has gripped america, but will it hold after sunday's final match? 15 years ago this week randy won for the mental kick. it helped fuel women' soccer and women's sports. brandi chastain has won two gold medals. we'll get to the world cup in a moment, but i want to address something, traumatic head injuries among kids who play sports. you have pushed for important changes for kids who play soccer >> absolutely. i think what we have banded together for was to leave a legacy of soccer and for soccer that was--it's going in a better place than it was when we found it. and as mothers, we know the importance of keeping our kids safe, and as coaches we understand that it's our responsibility to make sure that the kids that come in our care to our field leave as healthy as when they got there. you know, what i found working with
between brazil and netherlands as well as sunday final. tomorrow the at 1:00 p.m. catch the world cup battle for third place. netherlands will play brazil and you can watch it live on our sister network espn. germany arming tina play in the world cup final this suaynd watch that game live right here on 7. our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. enjoy the games. >> some folk might get irritated at someone who cuts in lean at busy lunch spot who would do that? well they might be less annoyed if the line jumper is the president of the united states of america and he picks up the tab. >> these folks i'll buy for whatever they want since i am cutting in line. >> president obama visited franklin barbecue that's famous spot in austin, texas yesterday to pick up some take out for his staff. as everyone orders added up, president obama or perhaps you could call him the big spend interchief realized his wad of 20's was not going to cover it. so there he goes. he whips out the credit card. the bill totalled about 300 dollars. some people wait for hours to get the barbecue fixed there restaurant
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